Monday, February 9, 2009

Two New FREE Coraline Coloring Page

And here are two more Coraline coloring pages.

First, here is Coraline herself, looking rather mischievous I must say. What’s up with that smirk? She’s quite clearly hiding something behind her back…

And here is a coloring page of a spooky looking cat. Don’t worry, the mouse is not real. At least that’s what I told my kids…

Or, and this cat is a black cat. And he has no name. Cause cats can tell each other apart without names. Which is something I didn’t know before Coraline :)

Wouldn’t it nice to be a cat in a cat’s world? Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about remembering all the names and their extensions... And to avoid those long awkward pauses when someone you have no vaguest memory of runs up to you with a hello and expects to be introduced to you friends.

Anyways, right click on the pictures and then print them. Free and easy – no catch, I promise!

First Set of Coraline Coloring Pages

And here is the first set of Coraline coloring pages.

Here is Coraline crawling into an alternate world. The swirling tunnel is a perfect excuse for using funky crayons. I

And here is Coraline getting ready to attack the perennial favorite – a bag of popcorn. Yum!

Curious – why is popcorn bag usually red and white? There must be a history there…

By the way, did you know that the cartoon ranked third in the box office? And that’s given practically no publicity… (At least non that I noticed…)

Not bad for stop motion animation in this highly digital age. I guess it just proves that a good story is still the most important ingredient.